Introducing SOLIN GmbH

18. Nov 2021

SOLIN GmbH, headquartered in Munich, was founded in 2009 by Rainer Marquardt and Dr. Tobias Vogel. Since January 1, 2020 the company has been part of Baumann Automation.

Rainer Marquardt and Dr. Tobias Vogel (Founders of SOLIN GmbH)
Rainer Marquardt and Dr. Tobias Vogel (Founders of SOLIN GmbH)

Together, SOLIN and Baumann develop turnkey high-tech solutions for battery production with integrated inline and EOL test systems for the electromobility sector.

SOLIN GmbH – from its very beginnings to its strategic direction today

SOLIN laid the foundations with the first engineering projects focusing on software development, image processing and electrical measuring technology. An inquiry from a vehicle manufacturer that needed a bench to test its high-voltage drive battery for electric sports cars proved to be a game changer in the development and ensuing strategic alignment of SOLIN GmbH. This was the project that established the basis for a software, automation and visualization framework on which SOLIN built to become what it is today.

For over 10 years now, SOLIN GmbH has been a renowned supplier of fully automated inline and end-of-line test systems. The company produces measuring boards, relay circuit boards and test bed normals for high-precision measuring applications. The 20-strong SOLIN team earns an annual revenue of some 7 million euros. The team's goal is to develop, by 2023, test systems for the production and evaluation of components of the electric drivetrain and hence move up into Germany's top 3.

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Copyright: AdobeStock

Extensive portfolio for solutions in tomorrow's electromobility

As a company certified by TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), SOLIN GmbH promises its customers the utmost attention and the highest degree of protection for innovative ideas and developments – from the first prototypes all the way through to production maturity.

The EOL test systems of SOLIN GmbH round off the production processes with final testing and quality procedures. The emphasis is on the series testing of intelligent 12 Volt/48 Volt and high-voltage battery systems (in the 250-1000 Volt performance class) for series vehicles. SOLIN's measurement technology testing facilities also test components for the electric drivetrain, such as DC to DC converters, boosters and inverters, for their use in hybrid and electromobility in vehicles, trucks, buses and for aviation – all individually matched to the customer's application.

The range of services includes test systems for use in a networked Industry 4.0 environment:

  • Flexible and efficient inline and EOL test systems for the automated electrical testing of batteries, inverters and charging systems
  • Automation suites based on TwinCAT 3 and TIA Portal
  • Modular and technologically sophisticated measuring and test systems
  • Service and maintenance

The Baumann Automation and SOLIN partnership

Since early 2020, SOLIN GmbH has been part of Baumann Automation.
Since early 2020, SOLIN GmbH has been part of Baumann Automation.

In combination, SOLIN's knowledge of battery and control device testing processes and Baumann's automation expertise guarantee high-tech solutions for manufacturing drive components for the electromobility sector. As manufacturers of test systems for low and high-voltage components with control devices, SOLIN and Baumann Automation have positioned themselves on the market together and are able to offer all the technology, including the testing and electrical contacting stations, required for end-of-line testers.

This partnership serves international and renowned customers in the automobile industry and automotive component supply sector throughout Germany, Europe, the USA and China. Together with SOLIN GmbH, Baumann Automation is a strong and innovative partner to its customers for shaping the electromobility of tomorrow.

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